Lunes, Mayo 30, 2011

The Beginning

Welcome to "blackbucks".
Why "blackbucks"? Well, I would like to have "trashbin" originally but the generator won't accept it... so I end up with blackbucks.
Blackbucks pertains to black money. Not the 'dirt money' but a money which cannot be seen because its black, which is what I'm quite experiencing right now and probably what most average joes with average wage are experiencing.
Anyway, I created this spot to be like a diary but not with my secrets but with my scrap thoughts which is why I want trashbin at first because this will be where I'm gonna dump all about what I think of a certain situation or experience.
So, to those who will be able to visit blackbucks, you are always welcome to leave your comments (or a piece of your thought about anything under the sun) and I thank you for dropping by.